Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Christening Dress

After a delay of more than a year, DGD hopes to be christened late summer early autumn. I have been asked to make her dress - gulp!!!

I have agreed on the proviso that: 
a) it will be basic but hopefully pretty and b) if I get too stressed or don't feel I can achieve a good result, we will buy one.

Its one thing to make her everyday dresses, another to make one that will be under close scrutiny. Anyway, I found a nice pattern online and both DB and I double checked sizing against a new dress of hers and set too. He cut everything out as my dominant hand is not playing ball as the moment.

The bodice instructions were weird to say the least and although we made it large enough, it ended up way too small once sewn and turned inside out. It had also been totally unpicked and resewn three times. Just the bodice took nearly 3 days and way too much stress.

That one ended up in the bin. I took a day off to lower my stress levels and we set to using a pattern we have used before. This test dress will I think need loads of altering even though we used the template from one of her new dresses to measure things.

It is way too short so she can wear it (if it fits her) as a summer top with shorts. I am only interested in how the bodice looks. I think it may be a tad wide, and the front of the neck will need lowering. The arm holes may need lengethening as well. 

I am currently not competent enough to add sleeves but could manage a ruffle type thing. I think other Gran could knit her a nice bolero to keep her warm.

Anyway, herewith the first practice piece:

The real one, in pale cream broderie anglaise (material chosen by us all), will also have a band of different material (or ribbon), inbetween the bodice and skirt and or little flowers sewn on. It will also be 3" to 4" longer so it will come below her knees. It closes on the back with poppers and I shall source some pretty ones for it.
This version of the dress only took me 1 1/2 days and way, way less stress.


  1. Practice makes perfect. The pink looks great.

  2. Very nice and the final sounds like it will be lovely, good luck.

  3. I think that the dress will be just perfect. Good for you in taking on this challenge.

    God bless.

  4. This dress is so pretty, and I can't wait to see the real one. X

  5. A very pretty make, love the pink. Looking forward to seeing the real one, the fabric sounds beautiful.

  6. Theres a hidden message as to why you have been asked to make the dress, and how lovely that the other gran will also handmake the cardigan.
    It's a very special day and in years to come it will be remembered with much love as to the dress and bolero and who made them.

    I used a christening gown that a lady I worked with had worn as a baby. She had kept it but didn't have any children of her own. She just brought it into work one day when I was expecting my first child, 35 years ago. She said she wanted me to have it. It was very simple, just a long white hand sewn gown. I think of the lady every time I think of the christenings. I dont keep many things, but this is wrapped up and cherished.


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