Sunday 3 April 2022

Vacuum Sealer

 Here it is in its box:

And unpacked:

A dry/moist mode, vacuum and seal or just seal, can be used for cooking in Sous Vide mode (nope) and comes with one roll of bags. As you can see, I also got another twin roll pack.

Any bags of beans, rice, pasta I want to do, will have small holes put into the tops of their original bags before being put into one of these and sealed. At the end of the year, I hope to remember to do the same to any vegetable/fruit/flower seeds I have left or self harvest.

I am also investing only in heritage seeds as they should come true from self harvested seeds. A lot of modern seeds can't be saved like this. You can sow them (apart from F1 hybrids) but they won't come true to their original.


  1. That’s going to be my purchase this month. I’ve been wushu washy for years - wanting it but always changing my mind. I need this for keeping those dried foods to last longer.

  2. Hello, glad you enjoyed "playing" with your vacuum sealer. Another thing i use mine for is Yarn and sewing stuff. Vacuum sealed makes them shrink so much for easy storage without damage. I also have some of my son's baby clothes and soft toys vacuum sealed. Keeps the moths out. He's 34 now but might want them some day.


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