Vegetable & Fruit Garden

The back productive garden in late winter early spring can be viewed here

The back garden, shown in the pictures below late spring early summer, is primarily our 'grow to eat' area. It is south facing onto the bedrooms and to keep the heat down in summer, we have a 5m long electric blind (don't even ask how much that cost, we used a small inheritance to buy it!). Without it, the bedrooms were often over 40 Celsius during the day and not a lot cooler at night, such was the amount of sunshine entering them. Our patio area is in front of the bedrooms, accessed by patio doors allowing us all to step out onto it. 
We have 3 raised vegetable beds, around 1m x 1.2m and 3/4m high. Then a slightly smaller free-standing raised bed on legs 1m x 1/2m x 30cm left over from when we built our DS. and FDiL. a few for their own garden.

The back garden is mainly accessed from a path leading to both the front and back from the dining room patio doors. This path houses our bins and log stores. The half sized one has a long alpine bed on top of it which we can view from the kitchen windows.
The back garden, with the exception of the house and garage, is surrounded by wooden fence panels. Down the left hand side fence, is approximately 18" width of garden in which are fruits trees grown against the fence. There is a path to the right of this soil. Walk down it and you come to our back 'dustbin' pond area.

The soil down the back fence ranges in width from 5' down to 18". The pond area is back left, a small seating area next to it: 
then the two compost bins, then the widest patch of soil with flowers and a Bramley apple tree. Carrying on just past here is a utility area directly behind the garage where our water butts and storage area is. Along the garden facing side of the garage wall is our fruit cage.
Walking around it leads back onto the patio area. Here is our main seating so we can take advantage of the blind to keep cool, another raised pot plant area plus our raised herb garden.

The whole of the middle of the back garden is laid to gravel, on which sit the 4 raised vegetable beds. From the left hand side of the patio, leading into this area is an 'entry' archway that has 2 pear trees and 2 apple trees trained over it. 
Walk through and bearing right is the exit archway. Over it are 2 trained plum trees and a quince tree.


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