War Diary

I thought it better to put my yearly war diary links onto one page tab.

Rations: here

Years I and II (please scroll down to find Year II): here

Year III and IV (please scroll down to find Year IV): here

Year V and VI and VII  (please scroll down to find Year VII: here

Wartime Meals: here

WWII and other decades knitting patterns here 


  1. Not sure when you posted this but I've only just seen it. I also have every one of those books except the 'Cook Ups' one. There's now another Nella Last book called the 'Diaries of Nella Last'. It contains a lot from the previous books but also some new stuff, although the editing isn't as good as the other books.

    1. Quite a while ago. I try to get more each year. Probably won't get the latest one as the last two weren't so well edited either.

  2. Am not seeing VII above, could you direct me to where it is?

    1. Sorry about that, amended now, see above.


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