Friday, 21 October 2011

New washing machine

First thing this morning we popped into town to buy our new machine, another Bosch. The shop had a sale on so we got £50 off it as well as a further 10% off everything including delivery charge and taking away the old one. We had our last machine for 8 years and it looked like it needed a new motor. This would have cost only a little less than buying our new one which hopefully means not having to worry about a repaired one breaking down.

I'm still learning about blogging. For example you can see I have a new wartime diary tab at the top of my home page. As this is only a static page, I need to be able to post entries (quite long ones) as I work my way through my diary. I tried using a label but found my entry arrived on my normal day to day page. I gather there is currently no way around this so will have to have a rethink.

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