Friday, 9 November 2012

Adjusting my felted slippers

Remember my knitted felt slippers – originally, they looked like this and very nice and warm they were too.

However, I recently developed tenderness on my exterior hallucis longes tendon and associated muscle (if you pull your big toe towards you, it is the hard thing that stands up on the top of your foot!). 

Although it is now calming down, it had the effect for a few weeks of not only being quite uncomfortable but any pressure on it made my foot appear dead at the end!

These knitted slippers are like bootees and I wondered if them being so snugly fitting on the top might be aggravating it. So, I cut down the left one and it was a lot more comfortable. 

I eventually cut down the right one as well so they still matched.

This had the effect of both slippers not staying on properly, so I decided to root around in my hand made felt bag and found this.

After felting it again to tighten it up, it was cut into an oblong triangle shape and stitched onto the slippers.

Now they fit and don't cause pressure in this tender area. I put the flap on each slipper with two buttons so it can be removed when I need to wash them, just in case the pink felt shrinks differently to the knitted felt. 

I washed the slippers again at 40 Celsius before adding this flap and they washed very well, with very little shrinkage. I only had to slightly stretch them back into the correct length.

I have been asked if they are safe to wear on laminate/wood/lino floors. My kitchen and bathroom are the only places not to have any carpets and I certainly don't slip at all on either of those floors.

I think what I really like about them, is the fact they can be altered. So if you suffer from sore toe ends or bunions, you can adjust where needed. 

Here is another picture of our new Grand-dog M. We did try to take photographs of them both running around at high speed play-fighting, but they were all blurred. This one isn't much better but she is growing well.

The nice thing we brought home with us was this: a lovely pile of wood from the frames removed from her parents house!



  1. Great idea on the slipper redo. I love creative solutions!

    1. That is why I like these slippers so much.

  2. Love the slippers .
    Brenda in the Boro

  3. Thank you Brenda, they are very warm and comfortable.

  4. hi
    the felted slippers looking very cosy.
    have a nice day,
    hugs regina


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