Friday, 23 November 2012

Shopping and wrapping

DB dropped me off in town this morning to do some Christmas shopping whilst he went elsewhere to check on the prices of some new work shoes/boots.

I managed to get all the presents I needed to physically buy, the remaining few will be via the internet. Not too bad as we only buy for each other plus DS. & FDiL. We swap presents with our 'school' chums but limit it to £1 each. Amazing what useful things you can buy for £1.

A clear blue sky welcomed us after the windy night, it was however, very cold.

After returning home for a light lunch, we decided to do a little gardening. I dug up this years strawberry plants from the 'sump' they were sitting in and have given them a temporary home in one of my raised beds. They are quite free draining so hopefully, will get through the winter better.

I had sown some hardy winter salad and it too went into another raised bed with cloche protection (plus winter fleece directly on top of the plants). A frost is forecast for tonight so hopefully, they will be safe. Not sure they will survive and thrive as I was a little late sowing them.

One of the interesting things we do in our house is Christmas Eve presents (or New Year presents) if DS. & FDiL. are at the other set of parents for Christmas.

Once upon a time, they used to be just one shilling each, now we limit it to £1. Two for each person who will be staying with you over Christmas, and they cannot be anything to eat or drink - and must be useful. They can either be personal or for the house or other such use and price labels have to be removed.

One person (usually me) writes the initials out on sticky labels and sends/gives them to everyone (this is done so you don't recognise anyone's handwriting. Christmas paper from normal presents is saved to wrap these the following year. They are then put in a sealed box once everyone has added theirs and opened on the night, usually after tea.

We have done this ever since we married and eventually had DS. He learnt to do his own shopping once he was old enough to be out on his own. Before that, one of us would take it in turns to go with him, that way, the other parent still had a surprise!


  1. What a lovely idea DC. I like keeping to family traditions. We have always had Chriistmas tree presents since we were little. Just little bits that will hang on the tree. Enjoy your weekend.
    Patricia x

  2. We always assembled our old Christmas Crib 12 days before Christmas, when I was little. Now, the crib is in my home and I put it up every Christmas, too. I`m not a stickler about when to put Christmas deccies up, and have started rather early this year, as I was making some deccies myself and couldn`t bare to put them away until nearer to the time. So, my 60 year old family airloom/the crib is also up. I shall keep up with this tradition until I have a grown up and sensible grandchild that will treasure the crib as much as I have, then hand it on to her/him.


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