Sunday, 23 March 2014

Frost Warning!

For all of us in the UK, tonight is going to be the coldest night for the whole of Winter. Anywhere from -2C to -6C in the cities and towns. Lower for those of us in the countryside!

Cover up your plants folks, especially those young seedlings or anything in blossom, if you can:)


  1. Thanks for the warning. Not much to cover up as yet in my garden. All tender seedlings are kept indoors for now anyway. Can`t wait to get cracking with proper veggie gardening once all frosts are over.

    1. I haven't started sowing yet, been busy doing other things. However, my small trained plum is in bloom so I've wrapped that, covered my strawberries in troughs, and put fleece over things in the cold frame, cuttings etc.

  2. Gah! Thanks for the warning, I missed the weather! My poor little lettuces!


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