Thursday 6 March 2014

Bank Scam Alert - please read and let your friends know about it!

Conmen are targeting UK bank customers with a dreadful and disgusting telephone scam only previously seen in the US.

This latest deception is know as 'number spoofing' because they call people using an identical phone number to their banks!

See full article here

Potential victims receive calls on their phones - both mobile and land line. If they have caller display, the number will display the name of their bank. People believe it to be their bank and from there, it is a slippery slope to the con.

We should all know by now, to NEVER, EVER tell anyone our bank details even if they say they are from whatever organisation. 

Ofcom has joined forces with US and Canadian regulators to try and crack down on it but is struggling to track down the criminals.


  1. Anne, for some reason, your comment disappeared when published. The problem is, is that the telephone number they phone you up on, is identical to your banks. So should you put the phone down and then phone your bank, you will still get them. That is what makes it such a nasty scam.

  2. I find it really scary how clever these crooks are.

    1. Numbers I suppose - in the sense that the more there are trying, the more they will be successful. On the news this morning are more warnings about people skimming content from your mobile.


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