Saturday 22 March 2014

New Door Part II

Welcome to a new follower via Bloglovin - Maria.

DB has been busy on and off for a few days now, priming and painting the new door to the archway. I was busy doing similar things in the garden. Gluttons for punishments we must both be.

The door frame painted and the outer rim of the door, plus the door itself with undercoat:
I know, I know, I show you such interesting things don't I - who else would show paint drying:)

Anyway, here it is, all finished:

The picture on the right, is another piece of my work from my BA course. I did a large project on the Titanic. The picture is a photographic mosaic made from the flags (as in 1912) of the nationality of each person who died. The image was sent away to a firm who printed it onto silver, before mounting it onto its backing board and applying a laminated film over the top of the whole thing. Not cheap, but we will have it forever, so not a bad price in the end.


  1. Door looks good - any chance of a close up of that fantastic Titanic artwork?

  2. Angela, if you cut and paste this link, it will take you to more information:

  3. Its Dapple Blue, same colour as the Welsh dresser but looks lighter due to the antique wax put on the dresser afterwards.


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