Friday 21 March 2014

A new door...

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When we moved into this house years ago, this archway didn't have a door. We have lived with it, like that, for many years. Now that I am finding it difficult to sleep, all manner of noises emanating from the rest of the house, particularly the kitchen, are keeping me awake. The updated, six panelled bedroom door is next to useless at keeping noise out. It is a non-folding version of the one you can see in the first photograph!

Also, when we have visitors, we tend to wake them up when we start boiling a kettle, or using the microwave first thing in the morning. The time had come to do something about it.

We asked around for recommendations but not many were forthcoming, so off I went on an internet search and chose, after much consideration and a good perusal of the web site, the following company - Bespoke Norfolk Joinery and Carpentry

A polite and friendly chap - Stuart, came out to see what we needed (and more importantly what we could afford), measured up, then gave us a quote a few days later by email. I already had a figure in my head, it was a little more but not massively so! We accepted and his business partner returned after a few more days to take a template of the shape of the arch, ready to form mdf to fit the door too, as well as help them create the matching shape of a door. Yes we could have had all wood, but didn't need it as it is going to be painted. Anyway, all wood would have been far more expensive!

The door itself consists of 3 layers of various woods, so it better at keeping the noise out.

Just a few days later, back came Stuart, one of the joint-owners, a most polite and friendly chap. He took off his shoes, then laid protective layers from the front door to where he was working. He made the mess he needed to, to complete the job, then hoovered up! He had to leave as it was getting a little late. He returned the next day to fit the handles, and a door stop attached to the skirting board.

Here is the archway before starting, we had to take down pictures either side and move the Welse dresser elsewhere:
Halfway through - minus handle and door stop:
Almost finished, still no handle or door stop - also, will need cleaning up ready for painting:
I'll post more pictures as it gets painted by DB!

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  1. That looks like a lovely piece of work. I shall make a note of the company details!

    Sleep well. x


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