Saturday, 1 March 2014

Garden walk

Welcome to a new follower via Bloglovin - Caroline Wilson.

Earlier in the week, I went outside to photograph some more flowers beginning to open up in both the front and back garden. Here is the first of my miniature daffodils:
some Lungwort:
some yellow and purple crocus and snowdrops:

The two raised alpine beds have for the first time this year, had open ended poly-tunnel's put on them to protect the plants from too much rain. Mind you, I have had to remember to give them a little water. Some look dead but I know they will re-appear soon:

They both looked beautiful last year as each plant came into bloom, some of them heavily scented.

From a meteorological point of view, today is the first day of Spring but officially, it doesn't happen until the 21st of March.  Until then, have a happy St. David's Day!


  1. I tried to leave a message on your last blog but it froze. I was wondering if you could add the page about how to add a page to the page tabs at the top of your blog! then we would know where to find it when we all want to have a go, I was so pleased to see this info as I wondered how you did it. not sure what I want to add at the mo. but may need it sometime.

    1. I did think about that and have done it for now but eventually, may change it to Tutorial's.

  2. Your garden's coming along in leaps and bounds DC. Mine isn't doing much at all at the moment. I love the look of your blog header by the way. I haven't forgotten about following your advice about adding pages, just been a very hectic weekend, hence why I'm late reading blogs and commenting. Thank you so much for your comment on John's retirement - you crack me up but you're so right about not wanting to be caught out having a quiet sit down - I did laugh but so true.
    Patricia x

    1. I think most of our gardens will start to look better soon (except those on the Somerset levels poor things) with the weather due to warm up towards the end of the week.


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