Saturday, 29 March 2014


Earlier in the year I mentioned having a go at quilting? Well, the first thing we needed to do was to get my office/crafting table down from the attic. We worried there might have been a problem as after it was put up there, we changed the attic door.

Nope, DB got it safely down in bits, re-assembled and cleaned ready for inspection:
He is going to fit something on the back foot rest to hide the cable extension and other wires. I don't have a huge amount of cottons but do have enough to start with.

I have decided to practise first by making a cushion cover. 9 squares were chosen and cut to size (with DB helping as the template kept slipping). I am hoping to do a disappearing 9 patch.
I have bought a 1/4" foot as all mine were too big to use and shall begin sewing as soon as I get the time. Meanwhile, I have just finished knitting a monster of a dishcloth - far too big - at 9.5" square. It was however a pattern that I liked - Little Garden Girl, similar to Sunbonnet Sue!
I do have a pattern for Sam as well but it is just too big so shall remain a one off. I got the pattern from here

Don't forget those of us in the UK, clocks go forward overnight. Have a lovely, sunny, productive weekend!


  1. That is such a lovely dishcloth! Enjoy your quilting - a good workspace is always an encouragement to produce fine articles xx

  2. That's a pretty dishcloth... Looking forward to see how your quilting goes.. I keep saying I'm going to have a go at a patchwork quilt, I'm not a very good sewer but I'd like to give it a go. I will have to start looking out for some bits of material in charity shops and just have a go, maybe like you though start off with a cushion cover. :o)

  3. That dishcloth is far too nice to use as a dishcloth!!

  4. Why not make the matching the dishcloth then frame them as nice pictures? Or use them as cushion covers?

  5. Thanks everyone. Will let you know how the quilting goes. Yes it is a nice dishcloth but can't frame it as it is already in use!


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