Friday, 18 March 2016

Commiserations and safety first...

First of all, commiserations to Jamie Murray on not getting into the next round of Indian Wells which would have seen him become the world number one. Keep at it, you will get there.

I am a fan of both Murray brothers but as I rarely get to see Jamie play, tend to chat most about Andy, who is easier to see and therefore to follow. I think Jamie and Bruno teaming up will work very well.

Well, yesterday saw us buying a new tumble dryer. Nothing wrong with the old one other that it is one of those on the list of potential fire hazards, awaiting a very long appointment to be fixed.  I think once you start to worry about it catching fire, it is time to let it go. We have had it for quite a few years, and whilst it is still very much in fine fettle, is on that list so we are not prepared to take any chances.

Although ours is in the garage, it lives alongside the car, garden things, amongst other items, so a fire out there could be devastating to both the garage and possibly the back of the house, let alone our neighbours properties!

We are on Economy 7 so can dry cheaply at night, when we need to. Obviously, in the spirit of being frugal, we only use it for towels once a week or other odd times when the weather is bad for days and we haven't got the wood burner going to help dry things.

Talking of electricity, we have just changed tariff again as ours was due to finish next month. Hopefully, the new tariff, which takes us to March 2017, should save a bit more money. If a cheaper version comes available, we will change again. This time we are sticking with our current provider.

Personally, I think the daily charge is a rip off altogether and that alone adds just over £70 per annum to our bill.

We have given half the new fence another coat of black paint and it is looking very smart now. The gates should be done this weekend to finish it off despite us aching from head to toe.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.


  1. As we only wash two loads a week (whites and darks) I dry everything in the dryer. It saves so much time; all the laundry done and put away (no ironing) everything folded and hung straight out of the dryer; about fifteen minutes hands-on time a week. Even in retirement time saving is so important as energy levels sometimes are nt quite what they once were.
    LOVE the black fence !

    1. Thanks. Once the leaves come on the plants it should look gorgeous methinks.

  2. Unfortunately, leaving an electrical appliance on at night, even for Economy 7, is (so I read recently)a fire hazard. Not because there is a greater risk at night, but you would be asleep if the machine caught fire. So I would only have any appliance on during the day, and always switch it/them off when I go out.
    Margaret P

    1. True, especially regarding our washing machine being on whilst we were out. It flooded and we came back to a right mess. We have always dried at night out in the garage and so far, never had a problem. I wouldn't do so inside the house though.

  3. I don't have a dryer but I am sure they save a lot of ironing. My daughter is going to Holt for an interview next week, a four and a half hour car journey from her home on the Wirral. Do you know this village? It is north Norfolk and looks very nice on the internet.

    1. It is a nice, upmarket small town, with good amenities, catering for masses of tourists in the summer months.


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