Thursday, 31 March 2016

Crochet Brain and Beechgrove garden...

For those who are interested, Beechgrove Garden starts again tonight on BBC Two Scotland, or Freesat 970. Don't know what it is on Freeview or elsewhere. It repeats Sunday on BBC2 08:45.

Just when I think I have got to grips with crocheting my squares, something goes wrong. The worst part of doing something incorrectly (for me anyway), is that it happens in different places. Mainly right at the beginning but often on row 1, 2 or 3 and I never pick it up until I have nearly finished:(

Easter Sunday, quickly followed by theTuesday were two such days. Pull down, crochet, pull down, swear etc for a good part of each of those days. My temper eventually had a full outing and I was ready to give in. Poor DB didn't dare offer any advice as he had already been shouted at for no good reason whatsoever. Good job we love each other, and I do apologise when I calm down.

I don't know whether it is an age thing but my temper, which once upon a time, slowly worked its way through number 1 up to a maximum number 5 (rarely getting any higher), has recently gone straight from 1 to 10 with no numbers inbetween:(

I really must learn to stop doing what I am doing and walk away but there is an imp sitting on one shoulder saying "come on, you can do this, get on with it" then off I go because I keep trying instead of walking away. That is when the imp on the other shoulder says "see, I told you to walk away".

Luckily it is usually only inanimate objects that cause it and bear the brunt but occasionally DB is in the room. He gives me an amazed look, which if I catch it, make things worse.

It could I suppose be medication causing it, who knows. Ah well, another thing to work through. No one can say growing older isn't interesting. Bits of the body physically changing and heading towards breaking down, no reason why other things shouldn't follow suit.


  1. I used to have the patience of a saint, but to bitch in 0.7 seconds!
    When your crochet goes wrong, put it down, walk away, calm down and try again later, if you keep trying when you're stressing about it, you're likely to keep going wrong. It's supposed to be a relaxing hobby, although it often doesn't feel that way!

    1. Glad its not just me then. I have done 13 squares so far but today, my hand went dead halfway through so had to do it in two halves.

  2. Brilliant thank you - with luck it'll be on i player by tomorrow night and I can watch GW ( only really worth watching to see Nigel and Nellie, the 2 beautiful dogs) and the Beechgrove - to my mind the best gardening programme that's on the TV at the moment - don't worry about the crocheting, walk away, have a coffee and then go back to it - normally I sling it at the wall and curse if it won't go right so you're not on your own xxx

    1. I also think it the best gardening tv programme as it is so diverse.

  3. I don't have much patience either. I'm quite new to crochet and just get so excited when anything works out. Enjoy your programme. X


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