Friday, 7 April 2017


For the first time, since moving here and putting in ponds, we have no frog spawn:(

Slowly but surely, We have gone from dozens of frogs making an unearthly racket in the early hours to hardly any. There were some last year but obviously they haven't found a mate.

I think I read somewhere that they were declining due to some kind of disease. Being organic, I normally rely on them to help with a bit of slug control.

Weeding continues on, bit by bit, the front is looking better but no doubt, by the time it is finished, it will be time to start again! Frothy fruit blossom continues to open outback and looks lovely. It is so dry here that I had to water all the roses which were slightly droopy.

Davis Cup starts today, keeping my fingers crossed but even a depleted French team is still better than us on clay - come on the lads.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.


  1. I have usually uncover a few frogs at the allotment but this year I also havent seen any. Mind you, my Mum and Dad have had three recently in their kitchen, heaven knows how they got in there with their kitchen door steps etc xxx

    1. I haven't even heard them this year either, very strange.


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