Monday 30 July 2012

Making and making!

Welcome to my two new followers Lindabwick22 and Connie.

Last evening we made bacon and 3 bean (broad, runner and french) risotto for tea, it was yummy. 

Just made two 1/2 batches of Frugal Laundry Liquid. One with borax (for what I class as a 'whites' wash), the other using washing soda crystals for my 'colours' wash.

Also made some more yoghurt which I added vanilla extract to. It set well but despite having 4 teaspoons of extract added, doesn't have much of a vanilla flavour. It also seems slightly more tart than normal.


  1. Mmm, your risotto sounds divine!

  2. That's a busy day! That risotto looks really yummy xxx


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