Wednesday 3 April 2013


Having decided to donate to charity each month, I have quite enjoyed perusing web sites in order to make my choices for this year. If possible, it would be nice to donate overseas as well as here and locally. 

My chosen charity for this month is Operation Smile, whose web site can be found here 

I never fail to be moved when I watch television programmes associated with these types of charities, where highly experienced people, give freely of their time to help others. 

Up until now, I haven't been in a position to do much about it. Now I can and shall do so. 

If you are a gardener or interested in wildlife, perhaps you might like to take a look at this web site here and decide whether to register your vote to get the government to do something to help save our bees. 


  1. Yes that's an excellent charity DC. I looked at the save the bees site to and will definitely vote.

  2. Yes, both good aren't they.

  3. I've signed the petition, let's just HOPE 'they' listen.

  4. A lovely charity for you to donate to this month :-)

    I have registered my vote to try to save bees. It's amazing that so many folk don't even realise that without bees there would be such a shortage of food, they pollinate nearly all our foodstuffs!

    Lets spread the word.

  5. Hi Rose H and Sue. Yep, without bees we'd be starving.

  6. I voted too, is our government totally blinkered or is something else going on here? Other Euro countries have signed up to limiting the pesticides, why not us?

    My charity is a very low-level one, which provides toys and equipment for disabled children; they are way down the pecking order so I'm happy to support them.

    1. Some of the ones I am giving to are large and well know, others not always so. Don't think it really matters as long as you are happy with what you are doing.


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