Tuesday 23 April 2013

St. George's Day and other things

Happy St. George's Day.

DB and I were out and about this morning, wearing our red roses. We didn't see one person, other than us, wearing them. Time was, on this day, that many of the older generation could be seen proudly wearing theirs, but not today. How sad!

On Sunday, we had to drop DS. off for dog training with both S. and M. (their dogs, not ours, they are our grand-dogs). We drove over to Crich and parked at the memorial to The Sherwood Foresters, that stands on a hill at the top of the quarry. You can find out about it here
Just the other side of the quarry is the Crich Tramway Village. You can also find out about it here We didn't have time to visit (going to the WWII day in August) so decided to take part of a marked walk that runs from the monument, around the quarry (and would carry on the other side of the museum and back again) for a total of 7 miles. We didn't have that long so walked for 45 minutes then turned around and came back.

Here are some views from the start of the walk and around the quarry.

As you come around one side of the quarry, the walk goes across the top tram stop. You can't cheat and enter for free as you'd have to walk on the line to get down! Two trams arrived and departed as we got there.

The red one connected to its power source by pantograph and the yellow by a pole. Aren't they just beautiful?

We got back to DS. and dogs in time to see them do their last bit of training. We then had to follow one of the women home as FDiL is going to do some photographs of them in a nearby bluebell wood (not in flower yet though).

After that, we returned to their house, ate some soup I had prepared earlier, then DB and I drove home.


  1. oh wow, I love those Trams, such a beautiful place x

  2. It's strange isn't it? When it's the national days of other countries it is constantly mentioned on the television. St George's day barely gets a mention in England. I love the red tram and the WWII day sounds great.

  3. You do find such beautiful places to visit.

    Can't wait for the Bluebell woods to flower!

    Sft x

  4. I bet you and DB are fit as fiddles, always walking! I walked to work the other day (about 3 miles and very pleasant it was too) but I did get a lift back home. I can tell how unfit I am though every bone from my waist down hurt!
    Crich is somewhere I dont think I have ever been.


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