Friday 12 April 2013

Win 3!

It was forecast to rain heavily during the night but we only got a shower. Called round at B's to let her know we have begun to take the wood she offered. Also showed her the dumped stuff in which was a car or trailer number plate. It may belong to the dumper or from someone they removed stuff from.

This is how much wood we came home with today, shan't take any more as the remains are damp and infested with creatures!
We just got back before a heavy shower started so our excursion was well timed. Didn't get around to making either the granola or frugal laundry liquid yesterday so shall do so today, otherwise DB shan't have it for his Saturday treat twice in a row. That won't do at all. I still have to post on my Walks II page, our walk this week. Shall try and update that page in the next couple of days.

Off to rest our weary shoulders and arms now. Oh, also bought back 2 more bags of horse manure which has gone in the compost bin. There seems to be seedlings in it (no doubt weeds), so I hope the bin will take care of them.


  1. Sometimes these freebies do take time out of your day!

    I started doing a walk of the week then the weather got rubbish so we stopped. Must start that up again.

    Sft x

    1. That is what a lot of people say to us but we were determined to walk no matter the weather. Having the correct gear helps and we only usually walk 4 - 5 miles tops.


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