Sunday 12 May 2013

A funny kind of weekend

The weather is very odd this weekend and set to stay like it. We had a little rain Friday overnight but not enough to dampen the soil to any decent level. Later on Saturday evening we had a bit more decent rain so the garden is looking well refreshed.. Brilliant sunshine, blue skies and white clouds greeted us this morning as we woke up. It didn't last long. Within an hour it was overcast, quite windy and cool enough for us to give the heating a quick blast. So far though, no more rain. I've put a load of washing on in the hope it will get dry on the line before the next lot of rain comes, which is currently forecast for mid afternoon.

I made 900 mls of yoghurt yesterday and it set within 6 hours so that was good. It is quite thick as well which is even better.

Also, two loaves of 'potato' bread were made, sliced and one frozen for later in the week.
For tea last night, we had the remainder of the pork cheek casserole with some new potatoes and peas.
I shall make a large steak and kidney casserole for tea tonight and another night (maybe even a third, such is the weather at the moment).

Some cress and radish seeds have been sown indoors, into small containers, which will hopefully give us some micro-veg to eat in a few weeks time.

We hope to go for a small walk today somewhere providing I can strap my knee. For some reason, it is giving way without warning plus a sharp pain to boot! Combined with a tweaking back, DB is having to do some of the bathroom cleaning. He always does the hoovering and ironing. I shall wash the floors in a few days time when I can, they really need it.

I have also updated my Walks II page and have a query on it regarding a wild flower/plant if anyone can help.


  1. The weather is better here, bright sun and blue skies a bit windy though. We are having Roast Chicken as it is the easiest dinner in the world to cook and we all love it. Then of course there will be pie, with a layer of stuffing in the middle and then soup with some leeks and some stock for the freezer.

  2. We have the sunshine at the moment, but that wind has been a bit chilly, we even had the fire on for a little while last night xx

    1. We have now cleaned our fire out for the summer months but did put the heating on for a little while!xx

  3. Weather is positively split-personalitied here as well! Sunshine, blue skies - sunshine black clouds - no sunshine - sunshine etc etc.

    Just finished roast dinner, which will do us again tomorrow and left-overs for soup. HUGE rhubarb (from garden) crumble waiting to be broken into, but we were too full after lunch so will have some with our supper tonight.

    I must check out your bread recipes - have you included your potato bread? I made pizza last night and there's more than enough for supper tonight. Hmm, with the crumble that's pretty heavy on the old carbs - but hey, it's Sunday!

    1. The recipe can be found mid September 2012 (under my baking label on the right). It only has a small amount of 'smash' in it but it does taste nice.

  4. Horrible weather here today, we have the heating on!! The oven will be on in a little while for a Roast Chicken Dinner, like Pam there will be enough for a couple of days plus pie/curry I have some Rhubarb and apples to use for a crumble too.

    Bread looks wonderful, hubby makes ours in the breadmaker, not the same as hand baked but nice and quick, chuck it all in and switch on :-)

    I have been snuggled up making a few cards this afternoon, hubby is snoring gently at the moment lol

  5. Yes, we have had a turn in the weather too. We are going away for a few days to the east coast later in the week and I just hope its dry, dont mind the rain so much. The bread looks gorgeous, something I cannot resist unfortunately.No wonder I cant shed any excess blubber!!


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