Sunday 22 September 2013

Harvesting in the wild and at home...

We went for a drive and a walk the other day to harvest some more blackberries. We have many areas around us within walking distance to do this but fancied a drive, some picking and lunch out.

We had a nice stroll along the River Hun. It looked like someone had been there before us and the first few bushes were stripped of ripe berries. However, another 100 metres or so and we came to a bend in the path and found a large bush full. We picked blackberries (1lb 10oz) for a while, here they are after being sorted, washed and drying.

Hidden inside the bush were many ripe hips so we picked some of those as well (1lb 2oz),
After washing and cleaning those, I went down the drive to harvest another 1 1/2lbs of Bambino tomatoes. There are probably 3 times that amount left! So far, we have picked 8 1/2lbs - amazing.
I'm hoping to make a small batch of Spicy Blackberry Vinegar. As a child, I remember having Raspberry vinegar on my rice puddings (plus anything else I could have it on). This is very similar in taste and texture but tastes of blackberries. Some will also be used to make Blackberry and Apple Jelly. Any left over will be frozen for pies and crumbles, bramble brownies, puddings etc.

We shall continue to use the tomatoes fresh but I'll also semi-roast, dehydrate and freeze another batch or two for winter.


  1. What a nice harvest :)
    I haven't noticed any ripe blackberries around here, will have to go look for them soon.
    Have a great Sunday!

  2. What do you do with the hips? Are they rose hips? Have you ever thought of selling any of your preserves or pies? I bet the campers especially would snap them up.

    1. Yes they are rose hips. I'll be posting in a few days about what I did with them. As for your second part of the questions, no I wouldn't sell them, too many problems associated with it. I have no campers so perhaps you are thinking of Frugal in Suffolk?

  3. Its a great time for harvesting fruits isnt it? I'm wondering what you are doing with the rosehips too, I'll catch up later in the week.

  4. With the run down to winter and 'that time of year' this is when I start to make my preserves - chutneys and pickles. I saw a good recipe in the weekend magazine this week for a gorgeous looking piccalilli which I must have a go at. You certainly harvested a good deal of fruit there DC and still more tomatoes.
    Patricia x


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