Tuesday, 21 June 2016

New tomato plants

I have mentioned this before but thought I would write about it again. I'm sure you know but if you don't, did you realise you can cultivate new tomato plants from the inter nodal removals?

If you grow cordon tomatoes, the little shoots that appear between the leaves and stems, have to be constantly removed. I have just done mine and amongst the various lengths, were two that are about 4" long.

These were potted on into individual pots, almost up to their leaves, watered and put into a light shady place:
They will droop in a while but don't panic. Leave them be, keep watering as and when needed and soon, they will grow roots and turn into new plants. I have covered them with a large plastic bag due to the heat and humidity. It  allows a bit of air circulation but I don't always do so.

These inter-nodal cuttings are full of hormones so quickly root. You must take them from healthy plants. I try to take them between 3" and 4" long for best results but ones up to 6" have also taken well.

The advantage of doing this is that it extends your season. I sometimes have to bring them indoors to ripen the fruit (the cutting are always put into pots for this reason, rather than the ground), as they are later to flower and fruit.

Last year, I trialled spraying my tomatoes with 1/2 a disprin in 1 pint of water to try and keep blight at bay. It seemed to work although it wasn't a big blight year around here. I am doing so again due to the amount of rain we have had. Time will tell it it helps.


  1. Thanks for the information its very helpful. I had a big prick out last week and found some nodals that were massive because they were hidden by foliage. I will buy some disprin although I've never had blight.

  2. Thanks for that - and for the tip about the spray for tomato blight!

  3. Love this
    I've been meaning to try this out as well, be a good way of getting another late bed in.

  4. I've heard of this being done but have never seen it - now I have.


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