Friday 17 February 2017

An unexpected job:(

Before painting the kitchen ceiling, we noted some food splashes, although for the life of us, couldn't fathom out what or how they got there! They painted over fine once the ceiling had been scrubbed clean.

However, above one of the cabinets, we noticed some brown splashes which wouldn't clean off but painted them anyway over the weekend.

On Monday, I noticed some odd marks on the cooker top and cleaned them off. Tuesday morning they were there again. Glancing up at the ceiling above the cupboard, the brown marks were back and this time there was a bulge.

I got a chair to investigate and found the top of the cupboard wet, the inside stained and bits had gotten so soaked, they had sprung slightly out of place.

DB immediately went up to investigate - yep - a leak, from the central heating header tank. The ballcock was below the water line and the join in the overflow pipe had separated:(

The empty cardboard boxes, glass fibre insulation and board beneath that were sodden, hence the bulge in the ceiling board.

DB started repairing the white pipe, then dragged out all the wet cardboard and glass fibre, and used a bucket to partially empty the header tank, then we had a cup of tea.

We realised just how lucky we had been, another day would have seen the kitchen ceiling collapse in that spot, causing not only a repair to be effected (not cheap) as well a possibly buying a new kitchen cabinet!

Herewith the pictures, before cardboard had been lifted:
Underneath the cardboard and fibreglass:
Quite wet as is part of the ceiling joist:
We thought we had been very lucky.

Unfortunately on Thursday we heard a crash and this had happened, 10 minutes before we needed to go out:

Never seen DB clean up to fast!

Now we need to get quotes asap and get the job done, either with our own money or insurance, whichever is cheapest due to the excess we will have to pay!

Have a lovely weekend folks!


  1. Sorry about the ceiling collapse. As you say, it could have been much worse. But it's expensive and frustrating for you. Hope the repairs don't cost too much. Have a great weekend full of unexpected blessings x

  2. Oh no, how annoying, hope the repair doesn't carry too hefty a bill. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Oh, dear. And there's not a lot else you could have done either, is there. That's life . . .
    J x

  4. Oh heck, not what you need at all. Hope you get sorted soon

  5. they say though worse happens at sea! x

  6. What a shame, hope you manage to get it sorted out soon.

  7. Oh no, hope it doesn't turn out to be really expensive.


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