Friday 3 February 2017

Diet programmes and food shopping

Channel 4, is showing a programme, how to diet well, and it is both informative and annoying at the same time. Annoying due to some of the people just not trying but informative as they check out 6 diets each week amongst other investigations carried out by the presenters.

Trust me I am a doctor has also just started on BBC 2, again very informative.

In life in general it pays to have willpower to achieve goals set. I dislike calorie calculating but enjoy the challenge whilst we are watching our weight. It is good for us as it helps adjust our portion control, especially for breakfast and lunch. When we achieve our target weights, it should help as we wean ourselves off and gradually return to a more normal way of eating.

Yes our stomachs rumble in between each meal but we just ignore it. Cakes hold no allure at the moment. Indeed, when I have a biscuit on our walking days, I am not really enjoying it.

I shall bake again sometime but it will be less and smaller portions served when we do. Got to have some treats but not right now.

One thing we have noticed is a reduction in the food bill. Last week it was £28 and this week £24, whereas it had been creeping up to £35 every week.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.


  1. I reckon its those pesky biscuits that have been helping my bills, and weight, creep up. Trying a no-biscuit week this week

    1. Probably. I imagine just 2 biscuits a day would be the equivalent of a whole days calories for the week:(

  2. I don't like diets but have started portion control too and am realising I now don't need to pieces of toast for breakfast for example, one is plenty. And whereas I would have had two biscuits with my tea at ten o'clock, I will have an apple. It's hard initially but I think your body adjusts and you realise you have been overeating all these years!

    1. It's only when we started calorie counting, that we realised how much we often consume although we think it is still less than 2000 a day.


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