Wednesday 22 February 2017

Battening down the hatches ...

Storm Doris is approaching and we are as prepared as can be for it. I hope no flooding takes place, something we can't control.

We had rain for a couple of hours this morning and I heard water gushing so looked out into the back garden. One of the down pipes that feeds the garage guttering into our water butts/drains etc, had become detached - DB fixed it after taking out a small blockage inside. Dread to think what damage might have occurred if it hadn't been spotted!

Our log basket has been filled just in case the electricity goes off and we need heat. That will save us having to go outside in the pouring rain. Our standby gas cooker is also ready just in case. It isn't so much the rain (of which there will be far too much no doubt), it is the expected 10 hours of high winds tomorrow which may well knock out the electric.

Take care folks and stay safe.


  1. Not looking forward to the drive to Addenbrookes and back!

  2. We have done the same, the wind is always a worry been so close to the sea. Take care.

  3. I hope that everything is fine ! You sound well-prepared for whatever might come ! You reminded me to go and look out the gas stove !


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