Saturday, 24 April 2021

New dog lead for Ruby

We received a lovely new lead for Ruby after ordering from this British small leather company here:

She is very talented, repairs and makes lots of things, quite a lot associated with Saddlery and dog items but also takes on custom orders for other items. She creates leads, collars, knife sheafs (for those pesky sharp implements), belts etc. No job is too large or too small and if you would like anything making that is different to the above, give her a check out! Like most small businesses, she could do with some orders...

Some of her work is plain leather but she has a great talent for carved and stamped leather goods and has produced some gorgeous very intricate work. If you need anything making, give her a check out.

Another business I like, this time American, is the artwork of this fantastic artist Paola, see here.

She posts quite a lot of her work free to the UK. The jewellery is hand made by her boyfriend Luke.

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  1. Paola's work is beautiful isn't it, and it is now her full time job ... alongside YouTubing of course ... so I will be ordering something to support her new endeavour. She has just given up the teaching job she had.


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