Wednesday, 14 April 2021


We thought we had gone through a travel and time warp yesterday when we came across 3 large fields of rhubarb - very ususal for us:

It looked a bit sparse in places but the rhubarb crowns were just starting to push through to fully through in other bits - a lovely sight.


  1. Oh gosh, doesn't it look strange. I have never seen outdoor rhubarb grown on this scale before. The forced stuff in Yorkshire yes, but outdoors never. It will look glorious when all the plants are in full leaf.

  2. It is unusual to see it. I used to work near Norwich Airport and there were a couple of fields there.

  3. Wow, something that I have never seen before what a sight when it is in full bloom.

  4. Now that is something to see. I wonder if they sell to shops?

    God bless.


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