Thursday 5 August 2021

At last!

The dress I sent for DGD arrived yesterday. It took 9 days rather than the 1 - 3 days they said. I am just pleased it has turned up.

She will try it on for me on Sunday so I can see how it looks. Like I said before, it is getting close but will still need some more adjustments. 

She wasn't a happy bunny last Sunday so we didn't get to see much of her. She kept crawling off and grumbling.

A top tooth has finally broken through so we hope that is the start of more arriving. Poor girl, so much teething, so few teeth. She has been checked out and they could see them all there, maybe one day she will surprise everyone and wake up with a mouthful - ha!

Like everyone else has said, weeds are bad this year, lots of warmth and rain. I started to water last night as some of the vegetables were not happy. Today we are forecast rain later on so hope it arrives.

Alpine strawberries are producing loads of fruit but it is a royal pain in my back, bending down for so long. Might have to rethink where and how to grow them which won't involve that. 3 smallish bags of mixed beans are in the freezer with quite a few more to come. Lettuces have either finished or are going over. Tomatoes are still green, very behind and not as many as I had hoped.

Not much else to report. See you another day.


  1. Long distance dress making must be complicated!

    Teething seems to go on forever and makes them so miserable. Think youngest grandson has most of his now.

    1. Being premature can delay teeth in some babies. She is a bit late getting them but her gums are white. Just needs to push them out poor girl.

  2. Poor little thing. KL's wisdom teeth are making another push so she's suffering at the minute. I pointed out to her that that's why babies are so miserable when they're teething!
    We've had a couple of light showers today, but nothing like what we've been forecast.
    Fingers crossed for the dress fitting.

    1. Just had a light shower but won’t help the garden much. I had two wisdom teeth out via the dentist and two out in hospital. Darn things. Hope K L’s teeth stop giving her jip soon.

  3. Ouch, I can remember when the children were teething. It was not a great time in their lives.

    God bless.


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