Saturday 16 July 2022

Preparing for the heat

All windows in the house either have blinds or curtains to shut against the sun, except for the inner front door. As the sun moves, these are opened or closed depending on where it is shining.

First thing in the morning, windows and doors are opened to let in the cooler air but in such a way, that insects don't often get in. I hate flies with a passion!

As the sun moves around the sky, mid afternoon, our conservatory starts to get exposed and very hot, often reaching 45C. By this time, all doors and windows are shut with blinds and curtains drawn. However, the inner door, from the conservatory into the house, has no such protection.

This causes a problem when watching tv as we get blinded and don't want to shut the lounge door to see, as it messes up any airflow we have. It also gets very hot, even when leaving the conservatory door to the outside open, so that radiant heat can't build up even more.

We will measure and order blinds but for now, DB found some dark material in the attic, which I sewed into a curtain. He adjusted an expanding pole to fit the door and the curtain is now up. It can be pushed to one side once the suns moves off the door. 

The blinding light is no more and as the conservatory warms up, I shall keep checking the temperature of the glass on the door to see how well the curtain is doing.


  1. Sounds good to me. Fingers crossed the curtain does a good job. xx

  2. That sounds like a nice simple solution. It's surprising the difference that using curtains wisely makes isn't it.


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