Thursday 7 July 2022

Smoke and mirrors!

Despite not being a fan of Boris Johnson, this continued witch hunt by the media to remove him, means we are not looking at the larger picture.

What is she talking about I hear you ask? This article hear explains it, here. 

Even that doesn't take into account the amount of industry, medical, manufactoring and processing procedures we have all handed to them over the years. It doesn't take into account the amount of land they have purchased around the world, the microchip processing and nuclear power plants they have bought or invested in as major share holders. The factories they are shutting down, meat processing in particular, that hardly anyone is noticing.

Where did Covid come from,  C-ina. Who produced most of the PPE and testing kits, Ch-na, etc. 

On a lighter but just as annoying note, dehydrating strawberries. I wanted to do this so we could enjoy a taste of summer in winter but it wasn't to be. 

Two punnets bought yesterday, £1.85 each - ouch. Looked fine. This morning I went to process them (couldn't do it yesterday), and most of them were already turning and going mouldy. I would have been able to only get one tray of potentially dubious slices, which isn't worth the electricity to dry them, nor the risk of them going mouldy inside the jars. 

The slices were covered and put back in the fridge where hopefully we can enjoy them today and tomorrow.



  1. I was shocked a few years back when I learnt that so many of our larger industries had been invested in by either China or Russia, so many multi-million pound properties in the capital and so many large country piles now owned by people controlling such things as our future pension investments. It's a scary world we live in. WW3 would be such a different proposition to the previous one.

    1. Indeed it would. I knew this was going on but not the death and breadth of it.

  2. I sometimes think that China owns most of the world. When you mentioned your test kits were from China I thought I would check ours. In Canada it seems we got ours from Germany.

    God bless.


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