Tuesday 22 November 2022

Present buying

 We have already bought/made presents for everyone but not for each other. DB has lost a bit of weight due to eating like me. I am eating low fat, trying to reduce my slightly elevated bad cholesterol level, so he needed new trousers. Despite the wet weather we went shopping after tea and a scone for a treat.

Once we had eaten, we went our own ways and met back at the car a short while later. We have a set amount to spend and I could only get three for him before funds ran short. I shall look for a little something another time.

He bought two pairs of corduroy trousers in maroon and a nice brown.


  1. I love the feel of corduroy, but hate the bulkiness of it for me, but I do like to see it being back in fashion again. Alan has lost a lot of weight, hence needing all new suits and shirts for work, it would have been so much cheaper to just fatten him up again. ;-)

    1. Certainly don’t want DB to lose much more.

  2. Good for him on the weight loss.

    God bless.


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