Thursday 23 March 2023

A thoughtful Mother's Day gift

 I never have any idea what I will receive for this special day, but it couldn't have been a better gift:

Loads of seeds. Tomatoes, peppers, chillies, greens, salad items, aubergine, carrots, beetroot, herbs etc. One hessian bag plus a sachet of similar items. Perfect. Some of them are new varieties to me. The greens will all be used as micro seedlings as we don't have room for them. They won't be wasted!

Quite a lot have been sown in micro pots and are in my heated propagator. Most of the rest will be sown into small pots to get them started, others direct sown when the soil temperature is right.

My potatoes are also growing firm green sprout leaves so all is well there. Hopefully, if the weather plays ball, (frosts forecast Sunday and Monday), and we can get the greenhouse erected, the tender plants will transfer out into it eventually.

We have also bought 2 more black dustbins to extend our rainwater butt system, giving us a total of 1500 litres of storage. It won't be enough if we have another hot summer but will help.


  1. It will the Mother's Day gift that keeps on giving all through the growing season and beyond. What a thoughtful present. xx

  2. How absolutely lovely. xx

  3. What a lovely thoughtful Mother's Day gift, you'll enjoy all those. We aren't growing any veg now, it's a pity but for various reasons is just not practical now.

    1. Don’t blame you. Now you have the caravan, too much to do to keep them going.

  4. What a lovely gift. Just perfect for you, and every time you enjoy your harvest you will be enjoying the gift a second time.

    God bless.


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