Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Soap and shopping

I've just been checking out the stored bottles of my last batch of frugal laundry liquid. It is definitely a different consistency to the first batch and I am convinced more than ever that the moisturiser in the soap is the reason.

There is some water down at the bottom, as you can see from my photograph, so it has to be shaken before use (no bad thing). Other than that, it has stayed in a liquid form rather than a thick gel (again, no bad thing). It washes just as well though and 200ml or 1 American cupful seems to be the right amount along with 1 tablespoon of distilled white vinegar as a conditioner.

Beautiful blue sky today, not a wisp of cloud and lots of sun. The back bedrooms are warming nicely. The wind is definitely stronger than yesterday so will have to wrap up very well when I go for a walk later on.

Thanks to Karen over at My Frugal Life for mentioning on her blog about ordering food – we had forgotten so popped over quickly to book a slot and put in a small order until we can get around to sorting it out properly.

For us, it will be just a normal shop – we don't over indulge at Christmas. We buy or make alcoholic drinks as and when needed and bake our own cakes, puddings etc. Although we order from our butchers a joint of meat and a small ham, we don't have any other meat for the rest of that week or fortnight.

We have bought a stollen and some special Christmas biscuits (we adore German Christmas food). Other than that, it is shopping as per normal.

Do you manage to keep your food shopping under control?


  1. No mad over-indulgence here either. It's just a special Sunday lunch with a pudding. I'll have an individual Christmas pudding and J & KL will have some sort of gateau - possibly homemade as KL made a fantastic chocolate cake with a ganache a couple of weeks ago that was very successful. She may want to repeat that which is good as I don't like chocolate cake so I won't be tempted by it! I'm teetotal and J can take it or leave it , so we don't even need to spend on alcohol.Last year we went to the gym on Boxing Day, and I actually managed to lose some more weight over Christmas. This year we'll go out for a walk or use the exercise cycle - I don't like that 'stuffed' feeling anymore. I finally feel like I have a good relationship with food, and I don't want to spoil that.

  2. We don't drink that much either. OH has gone off beer and may have a G & T. I don't like wine much so may have a liquer or usually juice. If I have more than 1 or 2 drinks at any one time, I start giggling and am finished!

  3. No special food buying required, as we are going to Germany for Christmas. My mum has a few lovely dinners planned, but we shall not over eat. Mum leads a very healthy life style and I imagine we will have a nice time without alcohol. I`m a tea total and have been since I contracted asthma. For some reason alcohol now effects me badly. So, I stay clear of any sort.
    DB isn`t that fussed about it anymore and we can have fun over Christmas without getting drunk.


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