Saturday 3 December 2011

Happy Birthday S.

Today is the birthday of our grand-dog S. Happy birthday my darling dog! Hope you like your card and present. These two photographs are courtesy of her mum and dad, DS. and FDiL.

She has gone from this:

to this:

Ain't she beautiful! 

She is the first dog DB. and I have had in our life together and although we only see her every 6 weeks or so, we love her dearly.

She forgets who we are for about 10 seconds then remembers. You can clearly see on her face when this happens. She then gets all excited, lies on her back for a good belly rub then fusses around us both.


  1. She is gorgeous, and it's lovely that she remembers you. I often wonder if Bold remembers us when he comes to stay. I have never had anything to do with cats until K and A got him, so don't know really. He purrs, headbumps and curls up for a sleep on us , but I think cats may do that to anyone who feeds them! He does seem to remember the house though. He loves the conservatory because he can see outside to the back garden, and makes a beeline through our bedroom to the doors to get in there when he arrives. Even if the curtains are closed he seems to know that the doors to the conservatory are behind them.

  2. Yes she is lovely.I'm sure dogs dont forget people.


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