Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Windy weather

A very windy but sunny day today with a maximum temperature of 6 Celsius. Managed to get some washing dry enough to finish off indoors tonight.

Went out for a brisk walk around my immediate area and took great delight in the wind whistling through the telephone and electricity wires. Eucalyptus trees were dancing backwards and forwards, hedges bulged as the wind tried to fight a path through them and the tops of the other trees rustled loudly.

Although we now have our central heating on low for 1 hour morning and late afternoon, the wood burner is still our main source of warmth, often too warm. We have never been able to have our room door closed otherwise it would be like a sauna – this despite the smallest burner we could have. On average, we seem to be burning between 5 and 7 logs in the 7 hours that it is lit – which seems to be okay to us. Our logs are seasoned hardwood, around 10” long and various thicknesses.

Had a great games evening last night around B's house. We played ring on a string, nursery rhymes (similar to pictionary), old maid, spots and arrows (a form of snakes and ladders but more involved), ker plunk and consequences. The latter had us howling with laughter even before we had to read the end stories out aloud. Everyone there was an ex-member of staff from our now closed infant school plus my husband and I, ex governors/helpers/gardeners.

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