Thursday, 28 August 2014

A Liverpool Wedding

We spent the day in Liverpool last Saturday, attending the wedding of my lovely nephew L. and his lovely bride Y. We enjoyed the wedding breakfast, good northern food. Tomato soup to begin, roast turkey as a main and profiteroles to finish.

We needed to get back to DS and FDiL's not too late to sort out the dogs before bedtime so didn't get to spend much time at the evening do. There was one of those photo booths where you get dressed up and have an instant photo done, we didn't do that as it wasn't ready, a candy cart full of sweets, what looked like a nice buffet (didn't have any as we left before it was fully out!) and a disco.

They met on the internet, taking their time getting to know each other before L. popped the question. It is his first marriage and he looked in heaven:
His bride is a widow. The young man on her left (right as you see him here) is her son, and the bridesmaid in red, her daughter, don't they all look smart:
At the reception, her son (17) made a short but sweet speech and mentioned how glad he was that L. was now part of their family as he had brought such happiness to their house!

Final shot at the reception, unfortunately Y, is looking elsewhere:)


  1. They look really happy, and what a wonderful thing for Y's son to say in his speech.
    So glad you enjoyed your trip North.
    J and I went out for lunch on Tuesday, and at the next table were a young couple on their first date, having met via the internet .The cafe was quiet, and they seated themselves at the table next to us so we couldn't help but overhear!

    1. How exciting, it is difficult not to eavesdrop isn't it?

  2. What a lovely thing to say. I love the dress! what a pity you couldn't have stayed and had a boogey x

  3. Lovely! They look so happy, bless them. My partner and I met over the internet over four years ago. He's the love of my life so I fully advocate internet dating!


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