Saturday 16 August 2014


The new soups bowls from DS and FDiL!

First, I pulled up 3 more lovely purple carrots, grown from seeds they gave us last year:
The teaspoon is to give you an idea of their size. Here is one of them diced so you see what they look like inside:
The only drawback to them is they stain everything purple as you will see later on!

Anyway, using these ingredients - 1 cupful of split red lentils were used:
I prepared them ready for my thermal cooker, which I am still trying to get to grips with regarding cooking time. The secret seems to be the 10 minutes boiling before it goes in the bag but hey ho, practise makes perfect (hopefully):
3 hours later, the saucepan came out the thermal cooker (al dente at this stage) and after a slight thickening and taste adjustment, was served up into our two new bowls:
As you can see, the soup normally a red orange colour, came out purple as though beetroot was in it!
We sprinkled a spoonful of grated Parmesan on top:
We had run out of bread and crackers but the 3 ladles of soup filled us up nicely.

The doorbell rang later and our neighbour R. handed over a punnet of his cultivated blackberries. We open froze them until we decide whether to make something sweet or savoury with them:
We are very lucky to have such nice, friendly (for the most part) and helpful neighbours but then, we have lived here nearly 28 years and we have all taken the time to get to know each other.

Welcome to Tricia Morrison via Bloglovin. Glad to have you on board the old Norfolk Express!


  1. Is a thermal cooker like one of those wonderbag thingies?

    1. Yes but a home made version, see under frugal tutorials.

  2. We have tried the purple carrots, they dont look particularly nice when they are boiling do they, they look wonderful in your soup though. Your new bowls look very nice, very posh :-)

    No blackberries here...yet. I am hopeful though.

    1. Don't think we will grow them again, don't think they have so much flavour.


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