Tuesday 26 August 2014

Damson Brandy and Courgette Fritters

I've started some Damson Brandy off as suggested by Pam. Normally I would prick the skins and make this type of drink with whole fruit. However, experience has taught me with these particular fruit, that several of them are not very good inside, I decided to cut them open and take out the stone. Just as well, as four were brown on the inside!

It may well result in an unclear result, which means we will have to drink it quickly:), but we shall see. Also, doing it this way, means I know the fruits will be fine to use in baking afterwards!
Using Frugal Queen's recipe for Courgette Fritters, see here, we thought we would have a go. They were lovely but might change the spices next time and see how it works. Here are ours:
We obviously used a too large a mug so had to add extra milk to get the consistency correct. Each fritter had 2 tablespoons and we managed to make 10. We might try it with sweetcorn, onions or other grated vegetables. We had 3 each with coleslaw but 3 was almost too much. There are 4 leftover for lunch the next day!


  1. I'm starving why did I look, damn lol.

  2. I have made Froogs sweetcorn fritters and they were lovely with some bacon and tomatoes, hubby doesnt like courgettes. I bet he wouldnt say no to some Damson brandy though :-)

    1. We couldn't really taste the courgettes due to the spices, hence changing the mix a little.

  3. I have to change the spices, I just can not help it. I very rarely follow a recipe to the 'nth degree. Froogs is all for "use what you have" rather than run to the shops.


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