Thursday 7 August 2014

Something new...

Welcome to Angie Hawkins via Bloglovin (but as your profile page won't load, I don't know if you have a blog).

Like others this year, I am having a go at growing Cucamelons. I have heard various good, bad and indifferent reports about them, their taste, texture etc.  Out of the four sown, only one made it and for that, I am glad. It is prolific to say the least and as with cucumbers, we are getting too many to cope with.

This is what they look like and using a smallish dessert-spoon for a guide, gives you some idea of their size:
Until I picked this bowlful (cereal bowl sized on average), the plant was only producing a few at a time. Now however, it has got into its stride and is producing a bowlful every other day. The prolific nature of cucumbers was why we stopped growing them, the same I suspect, will happen with these.

They are thick skinned, crunchy when fresh off the vine, taste of cucumber with a good dash of lime. Some describe the taste as bitter, but we find them slightly sour. Each to their own I guess.

James Wong suggests pickling them and keeping the pickle in the fridge. We have just done one small jarful to test, but as it takes 7 days and is only 2 days old, will have to wait to report on them:
I think they will be fine in piccalilli so shall endeavour to use them up in that when the time comes to make it. Now however, we shall keep munching them until either they stop producing, or we get fed up and tear it down (it is already 2m high)


  1. I saw adverts for Cucamelon seeds everywhere this year but didn't grown any, why would I when I had so many other veg I couldn't grow properly lol. Most bloggers I've read about don't like them so I'm glad I didn't bother. I can't wait to see how your pickling goes though x

    1. Don't be put off growing things, start with cut and come again lettuce. Lots of people suggest radish but I can't grow them here very well as they get eaten by flea beetle. The Chinese cook with cucumber so I might also try them in a stir fry. Got to try!

  2. AH here, I do have a blog, not sure whats happening with bloglovin?
    will be interested to see what you make of the cucamelons!

    1. Me too! It is amazing how few recipes there are for them, just picked another bowlful tonight!

  3. They look really exotic - I think it's the markings on them!

  4. I've never seen them before, will be interested to see how you get on with them.


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