Sunday 3 August 2014


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DB has been busy, painting the ceiling, coving, skirting and other woodwork, in the last bedroom to be decorated. The paint is either old stuff being used up as a first coat, or new bought in the sales where possible, as is the wallpaper. The paintwork was previously orange so it took quite a bit of time to cover up!

When this bedroom is done, all the rooms will have been decorated, especially wallpapered. This means in future, should they need doing, it will just be a 'relatively' quick paint job. Again, this is preparing for our old age. Yes, we might not still be here but think we will for quite a bit of time yet.

This room was a study, then a baby and young child's room, then our room, then a study and now a bedroom again. Doing it though, has quite taken it out of both of us. We ache dreadfully and one thing this (hopefully last) batch of hanging wallpaper has taught DB, who does that side of it (I cut and paste), is this: it is getting too difficult and therefore becoming unsafe, trying to stay upright on a pair of step-ladders, struggling with unwieldy sheets of wallpaper.

We all might think we are not yet getting old, but certain things serve to remind us and if we have any sense at all, we will heed the warnings. We won't bounce as well as we used to, cuts and bruises take far longer to heal and go away and lets face it, if we trip, we stand a good chance of breaking something!

Once we have have finished, which should be the end of the week, we hope to have the lounge, hall and dining room carpets cleaned. We think it will be cheaper though, to hire it and do it ourselves.

Here are a few pictures of the room, the smallest bedroom with the coving, ceiling, skirting painted, it was all orange. The radiator is yet to be done. Standing in the doorway towards the window:
Window back to the doorway:
Other side of window to the far wall:

I'll post the final pictures once it is painted, carpeted and beds etc back in.

We both hate using wallpaper tables, they are usually not high or wide enough and bend in the middle. I have used the kitchen worktop before, but when it was replaced, it no longer has a piece long enough!

In the end, we purchased a very cheap shower curtain and clamped it to the extending dining room table - ah that's better, high and wide - picture before clamping:


  1. If I ha my way I'd have the entire house painted Magnolia, but hubby prefers a bit of colour.

    1. We now have just 2 colours so that is a bit easier.

  2. Great idea with the shower curtain!
    My Mum has decorated every room in her 3 bed detached house, apart from the bathroom, over the last few months. She has the paper to do the main bathroom but is having a brief rest, having done the lounge diner a few weeks ago. I didn't even know she was doing most of it- she only asked for my help with papering the stairwell and hallway( she'd done the landing herself). Quite honestly she terrifies me, as she is almost 76 and I'm worried she will fall, or just do too much, as she still refuses to pace herself with anything. If she wants something doing it has to be done yesterday!

    1. I think the age 'problem' is going to be similar for us all as we are only the age we feel in our heads!

  3. It's funny how we are making decisions on how to make things easier for our old age. We have all sorts of half tins of paint, they will be undercoat or will get mixed together to save money as paint is so expensive now.

    1. The wall top coat is new but the rest old. We both think we would rather prepare for old age and not make it, rather than not prepare and wish we had:)

  4. I`ve done some re-decorating a few years back and already then felt that I`m getting a bit too long in the tooth for such activities. Eventually, I will learn to live with the last decorating job and just leave it at that. If people don`t like the way that my home looks they don`t have to visit.


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