Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Mother Hubbards Cupboard

Or fridge to be more precise, was in dire need of a top up. We are however, in and out a lot at the moment doing family history research. My menu plan has gone out of the window, as has our shopping. Not to be dragged into spending what we don't currently need, I found this lot in the fridge, freezer and cupboards and made a meal up:

As it happened, it tasted lovely, considering it had no onion as a base, we were both pleasantly surprised by the finished (if calorific due to the cream)result:


  1. Lovely, I always try to keep some creme fraiche in very useful stuff.

    1. I like it because it keeps well once opened.

  2. That's 2 more ingredients than I found this morning in the fridge.....hmm... a real challenge....

  3. Sometimes the best meals are made out of nthe last scraps!


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