Monday 22 June 2015

Back in the day

First of all, well done to Andy Murray for winning your 4th Queen's tennis title!

We have been living here for just over 28 years and in that time, both the front and back gardens have seen some big changes.

The back garden for instance, had a few large leylandii type things along the back fence along with an oversized coal bunker and a huge 12' x 10' shed. The rest was mainly tatty lawn and a reasonably sized patio which had a wall built around it. All in all, utilitarian though not very nice, but at least something to work with!

When DS was around 2, we decided to dig it all up, except the raised bed in front of the garage and turn it into a seaside garden so he could have sand and water to play with and in. Herewith 3 pictures from left to right of the back garden, or most of it:

The shed, coal bunker, big trees and bushes, lawn and patio have all gone. The turf was stacked to rot down into compost, everything else that could be useful was saved.

I thought I had taken a picture of it in progress but can't find it. Anyhow, 11 years later, here is how it matured and looked just before ripping it apart again:
The lawn reached around to the left and had a nice brick edge to it to help mowing the lawn. It went almost up to the back of the house, bar 5', which I used as a small vegetable bed. In summer DS would play out there, we would play croquet on the lawn, his sandpit and paddling pool went on the gravel area and it was also used to play boules. Great times but he was growing up!

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