Monday 29 June 2015

Pride cometh...

Before more hard work!

There we were, pleased with ourselves on how quickly and healthily, we had managed to stack our logs. Then I read on line on how alder needs a longer drying time. As you can imagine, we wished we had read it before stacking!

Anyhow, we spent a good part of yesterday, un-stacking and re-stacking the logs to separate out the alder as much as possible. The odd one or two got missed as you can see below (Alder, on the right, turns more and more orange as the oxygen gets to it:
There was also a load of logs in the garage that were too fat for our burner and they needed splitting using the log splitter (a very good buy!). One or two also needed cutting in half afterwards as they were too long as well.

Eventually, it was all finished and we now have 3 and 3/4's of the main log store filled up ready to dry out over the summer. The logs which are hidden behind the hessian trellis on the left, are from last year and are already dry and ready to use:
DB after lunch, spent a little time sorting out the kindling store, making a lot more room. We just need to top up the pine cone box (one or two carrier bags should do it) and that side of our winter preparations are under way.

We are careful using the logs, not lighting the wood burner until 4pm usually. If not, we would probably need 3 cubic metres of wood. We would just about be able to store the extra but if it comes too it, will do so as it would warm us up more and cheaper than using oil.


  1. Why do we always notice our mistakes ten seconds before we finish a job? This has happened to us numerous times........unfortunately!

    1. I would like to believe that we won't do it again but who knows!


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