Thursday 4 June 2015

Free or stolen

We were stood in a shop the other day in a queue, when a young lad walked up to a nearby self service till.

He scanned in a Kinder egg put it on the bagging side and picked up his final purchase, a bottle of mayo. All of a sudden the machine beeped and told him to put the egg on the bagging side which he had already done. Perplexed, he pushed the go back button then scanned his mayo. Once put into the bag the machine beeped again.

He was told to wait for an assistant, who was serving us. She reached over, cleared his beeper and he went on to pay and leave.

Unknown to her but we could see, was the bill only showed the mayo, not the Kinder egg! So he got that free and was busy eating it outside when we came out.

It got us thinking. Had he done this before and got away with it and had done so again? Was he too embarrassed to say something so didn't? What would we have done?

I know we would have said something, too worried about getting done for shoplifting. What about you?

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  1. Its well known the machine can't track anything that weighs less than 20g. The bagging are scales are sensitive enough. I always shout the girls to come over if I have jelly crystals or seeds ect because it halts the whole process. I have to say the staff in Morrisons look in your bag to check what is in there so they know the scam. But if they're not paying someone they must be prepared to lose money!.


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