Thursday 25 June 2015

A few years later...

The back garden needed all it fences replacing so we decided to revamp the whole thing again. The lawn was removed and the turf stacked once again. A pond was dug into the back left corner:
Above is the same pond but from across the garden. Looking towards the garage and the gravel and raised garden are gone:
Finally, it turned into this - looking towards the pond from the right of the house:
Here is the same again a month later looking from the left of the house straight on:

Final one, looking towards the garage:
It stayed like this for about 8 or so years before a lot of the lawn was dug up to give us 6" tall, very large L shaped vegetable beds.

Eventually, I was finding it more difficult to bend or kneel to garden so the lawn was removed, the wood from the raised beds was sawn up for logs, new wood was used to give us high raised bed, which is what we have today. You can check it out on the Vegetable Garden tab above.


  1. Good transformation! I love before and after pictures like that! And it's great to keep a record of the history of your garden.

    1. Thank you, shame I didn't have any between that phase and now.

  2. Agree with Kev's comment....being able to look back on the changes can be a wonderful experience, and it is good sometimes to refresh your mind of the changes.

    1. I agree, a reminder of changes and moving on is always a good thing.


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