Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Christmas Baking...

Our all in food, toiletries etc spending for this last month is only just above our normal rate of £130 per month for everything, coming in at £132.56. That included getting all the ingredients for the baking below, and everything I shall need to make a GF cake and puddings.

It will be higher next month when we buy the meat for Christmas day, other meat has already been bought in the above total. Mind you, we might be able to offset that by eating out the freezer for a few days, which we need to do to make room for all this baking!

Finally got around to making the Christmas Dundee cake, not GF free as our visitor doesn't eat this type of cake or pudding:
I made it slightly smaller than normal so I could make two 'Christmas puddings' from the mixture. Just got to keep feeding it with whisky now each week. I shan't be decorating it as none of us are too keen on icing although most of us love marzipan - maybe some marzipan:)

Also made some more mince pies, this time GF and not GF:

I used a large egg to make the GF pastry and it only requires a medium one. The leftover was brushed on the top (GF first so as not to contaminate) then baked for 25 minutes at 200C. Hardly any difference in looks or taste - the GF ones are on the left.

Another 6 non GF were baked and the remaining pastry filled with a little cheese to make some cheese squares to eat with our soup for lunch:


  1. I saw a Rachel Allen programme at the weekend which showed her topping her Christmas cake with marzipan and marzipan stars then browning in the oven. Looked good. I love marzipan but am not fussed on icing either. Your baking is all looking very tasty :)

  2. That is quite an achievement getting all your food baking stuff and toiletries for so little. Well done.

    1. We eat hardly any meat, make most of our cleaning products and laundry products so that helps.

  3. You do very well with your budget, and you always bake and make lovely food x


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