Sunday, 27 August 2017

Andy trolled again ...

There are some truly sad people in the social media world. Andy announced his withdrawal from the US Tennis Open and also the prospect he may not play for the rest of the year. All these so called fans could moan about was leaving it too late for a redraw so Rafa and Federer could meet in the final. He is well within the rules to leave it that late, some only withdraw on the morning of a match.

Gee folks, get some perspective, or has it perhaps affected your bets!

I for one feel you have made the right decision. Your future health far outweighs a short term goal, although you are already missed, tennis doesn't seem the same without you!

Enjoy more downtime with your family and get better soon.


  1. Totally agree. I sometimes feel he is his own worst enemy trying to go on when you can see he is injured. I suspect you're right about the betting! He'll be Scottish again the if he's upset folk! Catriona

    1. I don't understand that element of people's thoughts either. We are all British but also English, Scottish or Welsh (alphabetical order), depending where you were born. Media have a lot to answer for on that score as well!

  2. I totally agree too and I bet you're right about the bets, in some cases anyway.
    J x


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