Thursday 24 August 2017

Also in the garden ...

Welcome to Jeannie Moye via Bloglovin.

Our trial worm 'tower' in Bed 1, appears to be working well. Every time we weed the bed and surrounding area, the weeds get popped into it and eaten by the worms. It keeps reducing nicely:
Its lid is made of a carpet tile turned upside down. Inside it looks like this:
I don't want to overfill it as it is quite new but if it keeps doing well, Bed 3 will have one put into it as soon as there is space.


  1. Are the holes all over the pot? I one of my compost tubs next to the runner beans and all the liquid runs through feeding the beans.

    1. Yes, if you check on my post for 20th July, you can see it empty.


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