Monday 21 August 2017


We finally had blossom and fruit on our relatively new greengage tree. It is grown again a fence and I am never sure how to shape/train it so decided to treat it like the other two plums (even though you aren't really supposed to prune them).

We ate 2 each and the rest, just 380g that were left:
Were made into jam in the microwave:
It hasn't quite set properly but will be lovely stirred into yoghurt. Or, I could decant them back into a jug, add a little grated apple and lemon juice and boil for another few minutes.


  1. I had to decant and reboil one of my last year, although I don't mind a soft set.

  2. I LOVE Greengages, they are so fragrant. We picked 6 this year and twelve Victorias... NOT a good stone fruit year. Mind you the damsons look pretty good and the Marjories Seedling aren't too bad.


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